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Fully Hand Forged Practical Warrior Full Tang Katana Sword #702

Fully Hand Forged Practical Warrior Full Tang Katana Sword #702

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Steel: 1045 steel
Blade: heat tempered;
Edge: Sharp, hand sharpened by Japanese whetstone;
Hamon(Tempered line): Obvious Hamon, hand polished on;
Hi(Blood groove): Hi on each side;
Tsuka(Handle): Genuine Rayskin & black Japanese cotton Ito with Menuki(ornament);
Saya: Black piano lacquered wood with black cotton Sageo;
Tang: Full tang with 2 Mekugi;
Tsuba: Warrior Image engraved on one side & Kanji "爺和のスボいしま啾" on the other side;
Fuchi(Collar): Engraved with Japanese Ancient House;
Kashira(Buttcap): Engraved with Warrior;
Condition: Brand new & can be fully disassembled and assembled
Blade Length(with Habaki): 28.8"
Blade Length(without Habaki): 27.8"
Handle Length: 10.8"
Overall Length(with Saya): 40.5"
Overall Length(without Saya): 39.5"
Weight (with Saya): 3.1 lbs
Weight (without Saya): 2.4 lbs
Package weight: 8 lbs

Package Includes:
1 * Assembled Katana with Saya
1 * Black Cotton Katana Bag
1 * Deluxe Silk Katana Box

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