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Terms and Conditions


A. Handmade Sword provides 30 days warranty from the date of invoice. We provide repair or replacement against manufacturer's defects in workmanship or material ONLY. This warranty applies only when the merchandise is used under normal conditions for which the merchandise is designed.

B. Warranty does not apply to any damage related to accident, misuse, improperly care, improperly disassemble negligence, and normal and/or excessive wear and tear.

Return Policy

A. Handmade Sword is not obligated to accept any merchandise returned after 30 days from purchase. All defective claims must be made 30 days from receipt of merchandise.

B. Only merchandise having a manufacturer's defect will be accepted for replacement or credit. Misused, negligence, or improperly cared for products will not be accepted. However shipping/insurance & any duty for international shipment are non-refundable in any circumstances. All returns will be replaced with the identical product returned unless the item is unavailable in which case credit will be issued.

C. For any and all returns a Return Merchandise Authorization Number (RMA#) must first be obtained before any merchandise can be returned, otherwise returns will not be accepted. The RMA# will be available 14 days from the issuing date. After 14 days, the RMA# will automatically be null and void, returns will be refused.

D. We are not responsible for losses or damages sustained in transit. Any shortages or damages sustained in transit must be reported and noted to the shipping carrier company at the time of receipt of merchandise and Handmade Sword must be notified within 72 hours of receipt of merchandise. Then lost or damage claim will be file to against the shipping carrier company for buyer. Handmade Sword will reship the losses or damages ONLY if the shipping carrier company approved and compensated looses or damages.

E. All cartons returned must have the RMA# printed on the outside of the carton for easy reference or the package will be refused.

F. Your return must include a copy of the invoice showing the merchandise you are returning and the reason for return. Handmade Sword will inspect the returned merchandise within 3 business days; replacement will ONLY ship to buyer's original shipping address on the invoice.

G. Merchandise accepted for return, for reasons other than manufacturer defects are subject to a 25% restocking fee, plus S&H (cost of shipped & returned) are non-refundable. Also please note that it can take 3-5 business days to appear on your account depending on your bank's policies.

H. No call tags will be issued for returns. All packages must be sent directly to Handmade Sword.


A. We reserve the right to change the carrier used without prior notice. Also do not use third party shipping account due to many unpleasant experience in the past.

B. It is buyer's responsibility to pay for all occurred shipping charges.

C. Time of delivery is estimated as accurately as possible by carrier, but does not take into account any delays or breakdowns beyond our control, and as such is not guaranteed.

Address Verification

Address verification is a precautionary measure Handmadesword.com performs to ensure your safety and deter fraudulent activity. The nature of online shopping does not permit us to request a traditional form of identification, such as a driver's license, like a standard super market. We instead conduct address verification through your credit/debit card issuer to confirm your identify and verify the validity of your purchase, ultimately protecting your credit and privacy.

If you wish to ship to an address other than your billing address, please contact your issuing bank and have your shipping destination added as an authorized alternate ship-to address in the record/memo field. We will contact your bank using the bank number you have provided to verify this information after you've placed an order. Please allow an extra day to verify any alternate ship-to address.

Both your billing and shipping addresses must be verified before an order will ship. If you encounter any trouble when attempting to add an alternate shipping address, let the card issuer know that you are placing an online order and that the retailer must verify your personal information before shipment to eliminate the possibility of fraud. Then, simply give us a call at 1-909-480-4866 to let us know and we will re-attempt address verification to complete the processing of your order.

Orders with the same billing and shipping address are more likely to ship out next business day.

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Tactical Manganese Steel katana Samurai Swords #839

Regular price: $269.99
Sale price:

Fully Hand Forged Black Full Tang Practical Japanese Samurai Katana Sword #328

Regular price: $269.99
Sale price:

Masahiro Blade Sharpen Double-Side Fine Whetstone #243

Regular price: $39.99
Sale price:

Fully Hand Forged Clay Temper Practical Black Wing Katana Sword #302

Regular price: $659.99
Sale price:

Fully Hand Forged Clay Temper Practical Kill Bill Bride & Bill Swords #335-6

Regular price: $589.99
Sale price:

Fully Hand Forged Black Full Tang Practical Japanese Samurai Katanas Sword #330

Regular price: $269.99
Sale price:

Fully Handmade Aluminium alloy Japanese Samurai Katana Sword #634

Regular price: $143.99
Sale price:

Fully Hand Forged Clay Tempered Japanese Samurai Tanto Sword #383

Regular price: $311.99
Sale price:

Fully Hand Forged Clay Temper Practical Japanese Samurai Katanas Sword #356

Regular price: $335.99
Sale price:

Deluxe Japanese Samurai Katana Sword Silk Box #623

Regular price: $49.99
Sale price:

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