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Replica WWII Style Swords

WWII Sword: Shin gunt¨­ is Japanese for neo-army sword or new army sword. The Shin gunto is a style of Japanese tachi designated as part of the uniform for officers of the Imperial Japanese Army from 1934 until the end of World War II.

Shin gunt¨­ officers sword replaced the western style kyu gunto in 1934. It had a traditionally constructed hilt (tsuka) with ray skin (same) wrapped with traditional wrapping (ito). A cherry blossom (a symbol of the Imperial Japanese Army) theme was incorporated into the guard (tsuba), pommels (fuchi and kashira) and ornaments (menuki).

The scabbard (saya) for the Shin gunt¨­ was made of metal with a wood lining to protect the blade. It was often painted brown and was suspended from two brass mounts, one of which was removable and only used when in full dress uniform. The fittings on the scabbard were also decorated with cherry blossom designs.